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Image Consultant Use For Self-Improvement – Three Warnings

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Sure, an image consultant can be a boost to your career and social life. But here are three warnings you need to know before you hire an image consultant or personal shopper.


No image consultant can work in a vacuum. Put more simply, he needs your input. You can’t expect him to tell you what to wear, how to cut your hair, and how to act based on no information. He needs to see you, or at least see a photo.

It’s better if you can meet in person. Why? Then he can do a color analysis. This will let him see your tone and tell you what clothes will make you look great. So never forget to talk to your consultant and meet in person, if at all possible.


Don’t be shy about expressing your feelings with your consultant. I’m a lawyer as well as an image consultant and I learned this lesson while practicing law. Many people feel that since they’re dealing with a professional they must be a cool, cold, unemotional client. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more you emote (within reason, of course) the more your image consultant will know how to make things work better for you.

Some clients are unemotional because they want the consultant to read their minds. Well, we can’t. The more we hear from you about what you wish to accomplish, the better we can help you do that. Emote. That means, show emotion. Tell us your feelings.

I once had a client who said she dreamed of being beautiful and winning awards. She almost had tears in her eyes when she said it. Then I knew what to do. Before you could say “Jack Rabbit” I had her in plaid skirts and black flats. She nearly won an award and went on into a modeling career. The fact that she had emoted, shown her emotions, is what made our work together a success.

So don’t hold back. Let your image consultant know your dreams. If you want to be as sexy as James Bond, tell us. We won’t think you’re being silly. In fact, we’ll help you get the 007 look. (This, by the way, is a very elegant style for men, including blazers and cool cotton dress shirts and trousers. We’ll even show you how to hide secret messages in the heel of your shoe.)


Too many clients forget that they came to us to learn something new. In other words, once we make a suggestion, try to accept it with an open mind. We can back up our advice with research. We only ask that you try it. If it sounds unusual, that’s sometimes to your benefit. You may need to push the envelope a bit and venture into new territory for yourself. Get beyond your comfort zone and you’ll make progress.

If you let your consultant see you, if you express your feelings to your image consultant, and if you have an open mind toward what your image consultant says, you’re likely to find the process a total success and your image will shine brighter than you ever imagined it could.

Copyright (c) 2010 William Cane

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Seeking Out The Best Consultant Jobs On The Market

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The job market for consultants in the United Kingdom has grown steadily over the last decade. In the 1980s and 1990s, the term consultant was applicable to a much narrower band of niche areas, particularly within the defence and financial services sectors. Today, there are hundreds of specialised consultant positions that may be filled by experienced professionals and, in some areas, relatively recent graduates. Sales consultants work with sales people and departments to improve their pitch to customers. Technical IT consultants meet with IT departments, providing specialist knowledge and project skills across a huge range of applications and systems software. Consultants are often the key to success for a variety of firms because they provide an outsider’s opinion of internal business functions.

While the consultant job market has burgeoned in recent years, the competition for these positions remains exceptionally high. Young professionals who are perhaps trying to break into a particular industrial sector are working as freelance or long-term consultants; experienced professionals make a lot of money working within consulting firms that specialise in assisting defence, aerospace, manufacturing or other niche-market companies. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applicants for each consulting position. Talented professionals need to learn the best ways of seeking out new jobs within their chosen fields

Young professionals who are lacking in contacts or experience should consider using a job agency to find temporary consulting jobs. Experience is king in many fields that value confidentiality and an ability to assess dynamic systems. As such, a young banking or telecommunications professional, with a few consulting jobs under their belt, goes into the interview process with an advantage over their competition. Job agencies are great incubators for talented consultants, as their clients provide opportunities for on-going professional development and coaching to their recruits.

However, more experienced professionals can pursue a wider course in order to find their ideal consulting job. Consultants in fields like financial services or defence often build connections through conferences, meetings, and partnerships constructed to complete larger projects. These connections comprise a resource that can be mobilised by consultants looking for a job, either as a means of discovering positions available or as references for future employers. However, experienced consultants should not shirk the obvious job listings available via publications or the Internet. Consultants in lower profile industries, like marine-engineering or publishing, may find a lot of jobs available on general job sites. Additionally, experienced workers can find consulting work by going directly to a firm’s career page online. Ultimately, it is extremely important for consultants to increase and maintain their connections in order to reap future rewards.

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Do You Use Small Business Consulting Services?

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Using small business consulting services involves seeking out some professionals in your industry so that they can offer you advice based on their area of expertise. One of the best things about consulting services is that you can find it in a variety of topics including coaching, marketing, finance and legal.

The one thing that you want to think about with consulting is that professional consultants are considered experts in their field so make sure you do your due diligence before hiring a consultant.

What work is involved in consulting?

With consulting, what happens is that the consultant is providing their clients with information, like white papers but they also provide their clients with some first-hand expert knowledge based on years of experience in the trenches.

Basically they serve as your counsel. Not to give you opinions but to give you sound advice based on facts and past successes.

With a consultant all of the information that they provide is going to be tailored to a specific area because what they are trying to do is provide their clients with advice to help solve a problem in the fastest time possible.

Small business consulting services also provide their clients with brainstorming ideas to help find solutions and they can often provide their customers with new ideas on how to handle different aspects of their business.

One point small business owners need to understand is, that consultants are only as good as the information you provide to them. You need to give them some detailed info about your business so they can put their teeth into it and chew on it.

If you give them very vague information they will lead you in all kinds of different directions. And then you have to figure out which way to take, not them.

What makes a great consulting service?

Consultants have specific traits that make them better than other consultants, so when choosing a consultant you want to look for these traits to find the best one for your purposes.

Great consultants provide their clients with motivation and excellent ideas. They are also prepared to deal with any type of situation, no matter how complex or hostile it might be.

They must use their skills to assess a situation quickly and provide advice on what needs to be done to solve the situation.

Types of consulting services

In consulting there are two types of consultants, which are specialists and generalists.

- a specialist focuses on a specific area, such as a specific industry like accounting.

- the generalist focuses on a larger area of consulting, they tend to give advice to many different companies, and industry specific advice is not their main focus.

The best services out there are not only giving advice but also bring a lot more to the table. Top services are going to be able to bring ideas to their clients based on their area of expertise, share insights, new trends, provide customers with creative solutions and implement the solutions that they are suggesting.

If you’re looking for small business consulting services pick a consulting company that is specialized in one subject area for example marketing strategies. Most importantly look for consultants that are people persons and are willing to work long hard hours according to your schedule.

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Selecting an IT Consulting Company: Tips for Making the Best Choice

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Information Technology companies provide businesses with IT advice. However, not all of them provide good advice, and consulting with one that does not could be a nightmare for your business. If the company proposes the wrong solution, your business could lose more than investment capital; it could also lose productivity, or even the ability to protect its data.

Selecting the right consultant is one of the most important decisions a business can make. If your business needs the help of one, the tips below will help you find one that offers the good advice:

Choose a Consultant Who Specializes in What You Need

Some businesses assume that such a consultant has expertise in all areas of Information Technology, which is like assuming a lawyer can handle any legal case. In reality, consultants have areas they specialize in, areas they are proficient in, and areas where they lack proficiency. If you need a particular solution, choose a consultant who has experience providing that solution.

Choose a Consultant Who Offers Managed Solutions

Implementing software programs on an in-house model is becoming less popular, and for a good reason: implementing them on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model is less expensive, and it often results in better performance from the program, as the provider always keeps the program up to date.

Data storage is another area where managed solutions can save you money. Instead of maintaining your own servers offsite, you can place your encrypted data on the storage servers of a managed IT support provider.

Choose a Consultant Who Listens to Your Problem

You can think of these consultants as doctors who diagnose computer, network, or peripheral problems. If the consultant does not listen to the symptoms of the problem, a wrong diagnosis can be made.

Consultants who are poor listeners often recommend a solution without asking detailed questions – a sign of incompetence that some companies mistake for a sign of expertise. If a current professional seems to know the solution to a problem before you adequately describe it, find a consultant who will listen.

Choose a Consultant Who Stands Firm on the Optimal Solution

Those who care about their reputation will not sell you a sub-par solution. Instead, they will stand firm on providing you the solution that truly meets your needs. Sometimes, this steadfastness is mistaken for something it is not: the desire to make money by pushing a certain solution. On the contrary, consultants who are only out to make money are usually willing to sell a business anything.

Choose a Consultant Who has Strong References

Consultants receive most of their clients based on the strength of their references. So, be sure to ask a consultant for several references to current or former clients whose situation was similar to yours. Before you speak with the references, develop a list of questions that target what you need to know about the consultant.


Choosing the right Information Technology consultant is an important decision, and the tips above can help you make the right choice. With the right IT consulting company on its side, your business can experience increased success through managed IT support and other crucial services.

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Food for Thought: The Amazon Key and the Courier Industry

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Amazon has done it again with an innovative, yet controversial idea that has stirred up lots of debate. Their latest business advancement plan could potentially change the nature and description of courier jobs as we know them. Amazon is proposing a new service whereby their delivery drivers will be able to access a customer’s home to place their order safely inside. The industry’s and the public’s initial reaction has been a collective raised eyebrow. However, upon further consideration, it seems that Amazon may be trailblazing towards the future and dragging all the naysayers along with them… once again!
How’s It Going to Work?

The Amazon Key will be a lot more than simply leaving the key to your home under the front doormat for any delivery person to use. Obviously, the immediate concerns raised by all have surrounded the question of security. The company has addressed this issue with a proposed three-step, technology-based, process:

• Users will use a system that combines an app, a home security camera and a smart lock.

• Users may place an order and then select the ‘Key delivery’ option at checkout.

• Delivery drivers will scan the package upon arrival, which will unlock the smart lock to give them access to the user’s home or office.

• The user will receive a notification on their phone once the delivery has arrived, and can even opt to watch the drop-off live via a cloud-connected camera.

The ramifications of this kind of ‘white-glove’ service are immense, and will certainly put the spotlight on courier jobs in general. However, Amazon’s head of delivery technology Peter Larsen thinks that the “Amazon Key gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors.”

So Many Questions

Of course, the Amazon Key has many pros and cons.

• This is Amazon’s direct response to addressing the problem of package theft, which has become a lucrative industry for thieves.

• The convenience factor of the Amazon Key would draw in a lot of users. Small business owners could free up their time if they no longer needed to wait on deliveries.

• The Amazon Key would make courier jobs easier, eliminating the frustrating, and ultimately expensive process of repeat delivery attempts.

For most customers, the greatest reluctance to utilise the system would arise from fear and concerns regarding security. Sadly, even the knowledge of being seen does not deter some criminals. Ultimately it will come down to customer’s comfort level and willingness to participate.

Industry’s Point of View

Although much of the publicity surrounding this innovative idea has focused on customers’ concerns and praise, its effect on the delivery industry would be significant. If the concept were adopted by other companies, employers will have to conduct even more stringent background checks, while companies may face higher insurance premiums.

As it stands, the Amazon Key is being piloted in the United States, using only the company’s own delivery service. This raises the question of how customers outside of the 38 states where Amazon provides its own delivery service access the Amazon Key option. Also, how could this development affect independent, self-employed drivers in the coming years? Regardless of the answers to all of these questions, Amazon has certainly cracked the door open into the future. Just like any other employment sector, courier jobs must continue to grow and evolve to stay relevant to the economy and to meet the needs and wishes of consumers.

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Why Failover Support is Needed for Websites?

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When you want to attain success with your online business, you cannot afford to have frequent downtime of your website and your hosted applications. When the site is down due to web host failure, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is to change the service or opt for a better plan. But this is not the ultimate solution because even the big players in hosting service experience downtime issues. Since the problem is not in your control, when downtime instances happen you just have to wait for the hosting service to resolve the issue. In the meantime, customers suffer as they cannot reach your website and the business loses its sales & revenues. In case of frequent or extended downtimes, the effects are much worse. It also impacts on customer retention, branding and search engine rankings. Hence to avoid the setbacks, online businesses have to ensure continuity of their websites by having a failover plan in place.
Implementing failover support for websites help businesses maintain service continuity during planned and unplanned outages. Regardless of the downtime issue, it ensures websites are constantly available for user activity. Ideally, the process would be seamless that the customers wouldn’t even know about the issues. When it comes to failover strategies businesses have their own unique requirements. However, there are some key aspects that need to be included in every website failover solution.

Website Monitoring
Businesses use Website monitoring service to check the status of their websites and detect reasons for site failures. It is not uncommon for websites to suffer downtime or performance issues during peak hours. Web site monitoring service keeps consistent check on websites & servers and alerts you promptly as soon as the site goes down. It helps to quickly identify the issue that is causing the negative performance or website failure. This helps you to act immediately on resolving the issue and initiate failover plan for website continuity.

Website Backup
Keeping an up-to-date redundant copy of the website helps businesses easily address downtime issues. If you are hosting your own website servers, make sure you have drive space allocated for backups. Remember, the changes you make to the site should be applied to the backup copy so that you will have a current version of website. In case if you are using third party hosting, make sure they have an option for backup. Check if you can configure automatic backups for critical data & content in case if unexpected downtime occurs. You may also need to check with them to get a clear understanding on how they can help you out when server issues happen.

Website Redirection
If you receive an alert from website monitoring service notifying outage of primary webhost, it is necessary to redirect site to backup website server. This should happen seamlessly without any notable negative impact on user activity. The good news is that website monitoring service offers an advanced technology feature called webhooks to automate the redirection of IP addresses to the backup web servers. As soon as the site goes down, the DNS associated with the failed domain gets redirected to the alternate IP address. Thus, even during outages occasions the site keeps working as usual without any noticeable difference in site speed and performance.

Keep Customers Notified
When downtime happens, how you communicate the message to the customers is also important. Instead of reacting to the situations at the time of outage, it is better to establish relations with the customers from the beginning. For instance, if you are planning to use social media channels for contacting customers, keep the communication active. This way it becomes easy to put across the message to your audience. Keeping the customers informed reduces customer frustration and keeps them calm during the events of downtime.

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How to plan a successful promotional campaign for your business

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Business owners from all over the world acknowledge the need and the advantage of running a promotional campaign, even though the process demands time, patience and a well-established plan. The same people admit that while they strive for a successful result, they also live with the risk of failure, which can be disastrous for small businesses in particular. For this reason, they initiating a plan in the first place, let alone hiring a professional agency that could provide guidance and help. However, we all know (even those who are not part of the corporate world) the saying “To win without risk is to triumph without glory”, which means that you will enjoy the success fully only knowing the struggle it took you to get there. That being said, many agencies including Hire Event Staff are waiting and are willing to use all their resources, knowledge and experience to raise brand awareness or increase your sales.
Whether you intend to expand or you prepare for launching a product, you have the same goal, which is to make sure that your message reaches the targeted audience, is understandable and stimulates them to react. Thus, you have to develop a plan while keeping in mind your much-desired outcome. You have to start by responding to several essential questions concerning the needs of your customers and the communication channels suitable for carrying your message. Determine if personal communication including face-to-face meeting and sales representation or non-personal communication, such as online platforms or magazines represents the best choice. Make sure that your promotional objectives are clear and tangible because you have to maintain a realistic attitude.

Unquestionably, you have to create awareness among people because only then you can consider your promotional campaign successful. Nevertheless, I order to obtain this result, you have to invest in many aspects like personal selling, publicity and sales promotion. Do not attempt to save money here, especially if you have great expectations and high standards. Futhermore, you cannot overlook the importance of your message. Work with Hire Events Staff London and analyze the content, structure and appeal. This might represent the ideal occasion for a brainstorming session. Just think about it, even if you manage to make your message known to the public, you will not make any impact if the content does not captivate people’s interest.

After completing the steps above, you have to develop the budget. Break down the costs in order to determine the affordability and the success rate of your promotional campaign. After developing the budget, you are free to overcome the last task, which is determining the efficiency of your work. Write down every part of the plan in detail including a complex analysis, fundamental elements and timetables. At the end, you will have the possibility to evaluate your performance by observing if people recall your message and their opinions or feelings towards it. This will give you a clue regarding the success of your campaign and the impact on your business If your goals have been achieved, you can be proud of your work.

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Main benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

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Considering the competitiveness on the market, surviving is not enough anymore. As a business owner, you must increase your efforts and always be ready to seize any opportunity that will help you outrun your rivals. This inevitably requires you to juggle different responsibilities and tasks at the same time, one of them being digital marketing. Once you recognize the potential of expanding your business, all you need to do is develop a complex plan including all the steps that will lead you to success. Indeed, it sounds easier than it actually is because you have to make important decisions that will enable your business reach its next milestone or doom it to failure. One of those decisions is if you should work with your in-house team or resort to a digital marketing agency Thailand. Another option is to combine the two sides. Of course, you have to consider many aspects including your budget and efficiency.
Nobody can deny the benefits provided by a digital marketing agency. The team has a broad skillset, extensive knowledge and breadth of experience, which represents a big opportunity for businesses to improve their marketing possibilities. Over the years, they surely experimented with various marketing methods and now have a clear idea on what provides fast and satisfactory results. They have an objective perspective concerning any project, fact that allows them to analyze things and come up with innovative and creative ideas. Choosing in-house marketing can sometimes lead to tunnel-vision, making it more difficult to convey a clear and relevant message to the public. A professional agency is very beneficial especially for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the budget to build a team with this training and skills.

However, apart from the size of the business, the total cost also includes your goals and the means you have to use to accomplish them. For this reason, digital marketing can demand a considerable financial investment, whether internal or external. If you go deeper into details, you will eventually come to the conclusion that working with a digital agency Thailand represents the safe choice that combines high quality professional work with cost-efficiency. The bright side is that you still have room for negotiations unlike working with an in-house group that requires recruiting, training, equipment and salaries, among others. Even more, because you do not have to waste time dealing with these essential aspects, you can focus more on managing your business.

Once you choose an agency and build a positive relationship based on trust and respect, you will have the certainty that everything works accordingly to plan without having to get involved more than necessary. When it comes to deadlines, this should represent your least concern if you outsource certain jobs. As for the continuously evolving world of digital marketing, where you have to constantly need to acquire new information and learn how to work with new technologies, marketing agencies always keep up with the trends in order to come up with fresh and useful ideas.

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Unique business Hosting needs

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The hosting providers listed at CP Web Hosting offers flexible plans to cater the needs of every business customers. The hosting company not only focus on start-ups but the Internet demands of the big enterprises. From Shared hosting plans to VPS, Cloud hosting to dedicated servers, the companies offer everything. There is no issue of scalability, as the business grows, hosting plan can also increase. That is why CPWebHosting lists hosting providers with the customer-centric approach and list only reliable and robust providers. The companies from the cheap-hosting providers to premium-hosting providers, offering discounts available on CP Web Hosting.
The customers not only look to hosting features but on provided add-ons like free domain, unlimited bandwidth, space, 100% uptime guarantee, cPanel control panel, and SEO tools. The customer wants easy access to resources and wishes to control using user-friendly control panel.

Most customers have a single website and ask for Managed WordPress Platform. Few host multiple websites. The hosting companies offer plans for both the types of customers. The hosting customer can be individual or business, and most hosting companies do offer them unlimited featured hosting plans. Individual customers do get free SSL from Let’s encrypt, while Business customers go for premium SSL with full domain privacy protection. Business customers often choose various performance enhancement tools and advanced features with more security.

The Customers are provided flexibility to switch to higher plans with need. From Shared Hosting, the customer can go to Virtual Private Servers, which is available with both managed and un-managed option. The CPWebHosting ask customers to go with managed VPS, as provider take care of upgrades, security, and updates. The provider install firewall and necessary security software and its technical team monitor around the clock. Hence, a customer gets optimized high-performance services.

The customer is novice or expert, and depending upon that, hosting providing company gets support calls. The hosting provider offers support via phone, email, trouble ticket system and online Live Help. The customer, 100% satisfaction, is the key towards providing 24.7.365 support.

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Choosing a Consultant – Seven Questions to Ask When Shopping For a Consultant

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Are you thinking about adding some horsepower to your organization’s team by bringing on a consultant?

I have had a lot of fun over the last 30 years consulting with all types of organizations: independent businesses, ministries, Fortune 100 corporations, not-for-profit enterprises, and start-up ventures.

I have seen many organizations benefit greatly from the contribution of consultants. Unfortunately, I have also seen many consulting relationships that were disappointing and even harmful to the organization.

To help you have the best experience possible, I’ve put together the following seven questions to ask when “shopping” for a consultant,:

Question #1: Are They a “Big Black Binder” Consultant?

There are several national consulting firms whose model is to obtain an up-front fee ($20,000 to $80,000!) and then send a team that “Blows In, Blows Up, and Blows Out.” They are on-site for a month or so and when they are finished, they leave behind the proverbial Big Black Binder. I have carefully reviewed several of these Big Black Binders and frankly, many of them are well written and have good business info in them. The problem is, I have never YET met an organization that implemented the suggestions in the Big Black Binder. While the content may have been great, the organization was left on its own to carry out the changes.

What business leaders need is regular, consistent help from a consultant who knows them personally and understands the goals of their organization. I prefer to build a strong relationship with the client and communicate very frequently. This almost always leads to a long-term relationship that is productive and affordable. Speaking of affordable…

Question #2: Is Your Consultant’s Fee Affordable?

Consulting clients should be offered an affordable, set, monthly fee. This way, they can budget their consulting investment into their cash flow.

A while back, I was reviewing one of my client’s financial statements with them. When we got to the line where my monthly fee was posted, the client remarked good-naturedly, “Well, we know what THAT expense is for, don’t we!”

Then, to my surprise, he sat up straight in his chair and looked me right in the eye. He said, “Chris, all kidding aside, let me tell you something about our fee.”

Not being quite sure what he was going to say next, I said, “OK, what’s that?”

He said, “Chris, your fee is less than I pay the receptionist. For that amount, I get a seasoned executive on my team with over 30 years experience. Chris, I don’t mind saying this…You’re the best value on my staff.”

Your consultant should make you feel great about the value they return for your investment in their services.

Question #3: How Much Access Will You Have To Your Consultant?

Will you be able to get in touch with your consultant easily? Will they respond promptly to your phone calls and email messages?

You need to be able to ask questions and bring issues to your consultant in real-time. Each of my clients has my direct phone number, and all of my team members are required to respond to all client inquiries as soon as possible, but certainly no later than “before the sun sets twice.”

Question #4: What Resources Does Your Consultant Bring to the Table?

Are you considering an individual consultant who has a “platinum” resume? Even if he or she is part of a 10 member firm, your business will be limited in the amount of intellectual resources available to it.

A consultant needs to have access to a large network of colleague who can help with any business issue a client faces. These networks can be an invaluable resource for promoting the client’s services, finding specialist support, or opening new markets for clients.

I like to tell my prospective clients, “When you have me on your team, you get my 30+ years of business experience, PLUS access to an international network of over 5,000 top executive advisors!”

Question #5: Is Your Consultant a Cutter or a Grower?

Here we get into differences in personalities and business philosophies. I was an employee of a company that brought in a consultant to help them become more profitable. The consultant began with a savage campaign of systematically cutting over two-thirds of the staff. They then began cutting expenses in employee benefits, advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, and product development.

When they were done, the expenses of the organization had definitely been cut, but they were left with virtually no resources to retain their customers or to solicit new business.

My experience has shown that just cutting expenses does not result in increased profits, especially when you cut back on items that motivate your staff and encourage prospective customers to spend their dollars with you.

I prefer to GROW businesses, by asking these questions: How can we use the resources we have to become more profitable? What new products can we introduce with little or modest investment? What ideas does the staff have that can help us to grow?

With proper consulting leadership, there are usually adequate resources of personnel and finances in the organization to begin executing an exciting and rewarding business growth strategy.

Question #6: Does Your Consultant Have a Bill of Goods They Want to Sell You?

I was introduced to a business owner who really wanted help with her organization’s business plan. She was, however, very hesitant about working with a consultant because of the bad experience she had with her last one.

She explained to me that the consultant insisted that her business could only be profitable if she outsourced her Payroll, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, and even Sales. After a confusing and time-consuming transfer of services, the business owner learned that the consultant received commissions from all of her new service providers. And, to add insult to injury, they were all costing her more than before!

When a consultant is asked to help in choosing business-to-business service providers, loyalty should be to the client. I don’t believe it is ethical to try and make a few extra bucks by steering them to vendors who serve the consultant instead of the client.

Question #7: Are They Suggesting a Pre-determined Mold for Your Business?

Far too often, I have heard of consultants trying to force an organization’s operation into a model the consultant wants, instead of carefully defining what the organization needs.

Every organization is unique and has its own personality. There are, however, broad business practices that are healthy for all organizations to embrace. What I find works best is to have some general rails to run on by laying out a Business Operations Blueprint with the client.

The blueprint components include the Vision and Mission Statements, Goals and Objectives, Performance Metrics, the Financial Plan and Financial Review, the Operations Model, Staffing Services, Projects, Research & Development, Marketing, and Sales.

When I begin working with a client, the most important thing for me to do is…listen! Honest, open discussions will determine the critical issues that need immediate attention. Whether there is a toxic staffing issue that needs to be corrected or marketing is not producing adequate sales to keep the doors open, it is imperative to make use of proven business growth strategies. A customized blueprint will make it possible to lay out simple, daily tasks that will accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization.

I trust that this article will help you to have a productive and profitable relationship with your consultant. Here’s to your success!

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